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How to sell season
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AIK Football had a total of zero spectators during the 2020 season, leaving precisely 100 percent of season ticket holders with approximately zero percent return on investment. They didn’t get to see one minute of football. In early 2021, we were tasked to sell season tickets to the same audience again. But unlike any conventional product, neither rules of economy nor logic applies to football.

For AIK supporters, football is life, and loyalty is everything. But still, we couldn’t ask them to, once again, forfeit everything. So, we decided to honor the people dedicated enough to go through uncertainty once again. As always, we believe that the age of marketing making ungrounded claims, using lofty words to describe their products, is in effect over. Instead, great organizations use actions to show what they are made of.

The ultimate way to replicate the love is to literally write it in stone

In this case, we chose to connect the loyal supporters with a monumental action from the club’s behalf. That action turned into a monument, or more precisely, a monolith. Every season ticket holder gets their name engraved in the black granite rock that is placed in the very heart of football. The center of the dressing room. The stage for all vibrating pre-game pep talks, for heated debates of how to keep track of the opposition’s left winger who’s on fire and for that once-in-a-lifetime coach speech that turns everything around at halftime.

But the campaign didn’t stop there. We further celebrated their undying support by printing them in ads and on posters all across Stockholm. We even put the names on the arena LED signage at game time. The crowning of the idea was to have each player abstain from their given name during the opening game of the 2021 season. A few names made their way onto the pitch, on the backs of AIK’s starting eleven.

The results

Oh, we guess we got a bit carried away there, with emotions running deep. The results however were quite remarkable. But before we go into that, absolute certainty in terms of campaign efficiency is impossible in this case, since the Covid situation takes away every historic baseline metric that usually is used to evaluate a campaign like this. But what we do know is that when the campaign started, AIK Football had sold about 3000 season tickets, approximately half of what local rivals Djurgården and Hammarby had sold at that point. Since then, daily sales records were broken over and over again, resulting in over 9000 sold season tickets, placing AIK where it belongs, above Djurgården who could only see their lead obliterate.

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