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Post spam Era

People don't like advertising anymore. That's why we built POST, a new kind of agency created for the post spam era. We help brands connect through pop culture and actions.


The digital magazine service Readly went literal with PM Stefan Löfven's statement of renaming the “fall break” to “ the reading break”. To encourage more children to read, Readly was free during the 2019 Reading Break.

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The digital self-storage operator 24Storage created The Cat Flat to fulfill every cat’s and cat owner’s needs.

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Health-tech startup Werlabs is in the very forefront of a shift in how we view our wellness – we need to be more proactive. We helped Werlabs communicate a very powerful truth, it’s the inside that really matters

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Volkswagen Stockholm X AIK Football

Volkswagen Stockholm asked us for help to take the sponsorship of AIK Football to the next level. We created the concept Ink Edition - honoring the passion of the most dedicated AIK supporters.

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Nordiska Trädgårdar – Stockholmsmässan

Trädgårdsmässan have struggled with rejuvenating their customer target for a long time. In 2019, they wanted to attract a younger audience. POST together with Stockholmsmässan created Sweden’s largest cutting swap event.

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Kiwa Inspecta & SvFF

Kiwa Inspecta have the same role in society as referees have in football. In 2018, Kiwa Inspecta activated their sponsorship of Svenska fotbollförbundets referees letting Swedens biggest football podcast try being referees for a day.

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International language giant EF wanted to strengthen their ability to attract the very top talent from business, design and management schools around the globe.

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Let's Talk

On behalf of the advertising agency KING, POST was responsible to create attention and fill the platform Let’s Talk with new users.

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”Bryggmästaren” Design Challenge

Åbro wanted to update the packaging of their best-selling product, the premium lager beer “Bryggmästarens”, without alienating its’ vast fan base.

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ClimateWell became SaltX

In 2015 ClimateWell was an unknown tech company located in Hägersten, Stockholm with 20+ employees. It was only a few people outside the core business that understood the potential in their technology.

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Vattenfall Hackathon

When it comes to sustainability Vattenfall has a problematic reputation, which overshadows the massive investments the company does on solar energy, amongst other things.

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POST News is the newsletter where we share three things we love so much we wish we had done them ourselves

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The foundation for everything we do is taking sides. We always side with the consum.. the humans we help brands connect with. After we have understood their true needs, we create concepts, campaigns and projects that are designed to truly engage. To us, this means three things: people want to talk about it, it's true to what the humans already like and its relevant for the business. Or, expressed in more traditional terms, we help brands with:

  • Planning

  • Concepts

  • 360 Campaigns

  • Public Relations

  • Branding