Werlabs is at the forefront of a global shift towards more proactive health control. If more people participate in yearly health controls by blood testing, the long term effect will be tremendous as many diseases and health issues could be predicted. With the approach of proactive health-care still mostly embraced by early adopters, Werlabs wants to make it a mass movement. The initial challenge was to create awareness around Werlabs and proactive health control through blood tests.


New Years resolutions are often ambitious, but more often than not abandoned within weeks or months. We choose the very early weeks of 2020 to introduce a campaign to address people’s well being. Across the Stockholm subway system, commuters were met by three pieces of innovative mirror-printed adverts. The first, just a mirror printed advert giving them an opportunity to gaze on their own reflection. Then followed by the same frame but with the purposefully provocative copy “Stop looking in the mirror”. The third advert introduced the message: it’s the inside that matters.The goal was to create an interactive campaign that would encourage people to stop and think about the way they view themselves while also introduce Werlabs services.


The campaign worked as an antidote to superficial pressure on how to look and has been one of the most appreciated during 2020.

Year: 2019-2020

Client: Werlabs

Services provided: 360 Campaigns

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