Volkswagen Stockholm X AIK Football


AIK Football Club is not only the largest in Sweden in terms of supporters. It's reputable following is also known for their almost religious relationship to the club. In that culture, commercialism is generally frowned upon. Our assignment was to help the new main sponsor Volkswagen Stockholm earn their place at the table, not only on the player's shorts, but more importantly: in the hearts of the supporters. To succeed, we knew we had to create something real, that would add rather than detract from the existing culture.


The idea was quite simple. Instead of maximizing sales, as is the norm in the commercial world, we chose to flip that logic on its' head. Instead of selling as many cars as possible, we added a limitation. Only the most dedicated supporters, dedicated enough to put the club crest on their skin permanently was able to buy a limited edition, AIK-adapted car. We called it Ink Edition. To sweeten the deal, we added a supporter-centric packaging to the logo emblazoned, black car. The buyers of the car would also receive impossible-to-get personal parking right beneath the arena, paired with a special cushioning on their seats in the stadium, making sure their experience would be just a little better than their friends. The ulitmate bragging rights car deal.


The uniqueness of the project reached well beyond the borders of Sweden. But most importantly, the supporters took the project to their hearts, resulting in more than 10x the estimated leads and an undisclosed number of sales.

Year: 2019

Client: Volkswagen Stockholm & AIK Fotboll

Services provided: Planning & Concepts & Public Relations

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