Post Stockholm
Skånegatan 61, 116 37 Stockholm
+46 70 641 49 45

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Viktor BolinFounder & Creative Director
+46 70 567 54 14

Henrik HaegermarkCEO
Patrik SundbergFounder & Project Manager
Hugo WittorfFacilitator & Project Manager
Viktoria LöwkrantzPR-Consultant
Leon BurlingStrategist
+46 70 399 15 35


The foundation for everything we do is taking sides. We always side with the consum… the humans we help brands connect with. After we have understood their true needs, we create concepts, campaigns and projects that are designed to truly engage. To us, this means three things people want to talk about it, it’s true to what the humans already like and it’s relevant for the business. Or, expressed in more traditional terms, we help brands with Planning, Concepts, 360° Campaigns, Public Relations and Branding.

People have grown tired of (bad) advertising, or spam as we call it. That’s why we built Post, a new kind of agency that helps brand become loved simply by giving people what they want.

It turns out people still love pop culture and believe that actions speak louder than words. We simply help with that, creating an emotional connection to the brand.

We combine Planning, Branding, Concept creation, 360° Campaigns and PR, to create projects that end up in the news, under the skin and on the lips of interesting people.

Does this sound like something you realize you have been looking for all this time? If so, contact Founder/Creative Director Viktor Bolin at +46 70 567 54 14 to get going.