In 2015, when Motorola made its comeback in the Nordics, POST initiated their collaboration with them. At that time, Motorola had a market share of 0,5 % and several, huge challenges.


At an ongoing basis POST have carried out large as well as small project with the same strategy: in a positive way remind the users that there are exciting alternatives to the giants. The tactics have been to de-dramatize the talk about technology and to be down to earth while having a Nordic approach.


It seems to have worked, as all Motorola’s products are tested in the same frequency as Samsung (with exceptional grade). Leading to a new mid-range segment, where Motorola is the most increasing one. At present time the market share has increased to 6 % with a strong upward trend. POST has worked with classic PR, but in a more pleasurable, simple and fun way. Among other things, the Nordic PR-team was recently named as the best performing region within EMEA.

Year: 2015-2019 (on-going)

Client: Motorola

Services provided: Concepts, 360 Campaigns & Public Relations

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