International language giant EF wanted to strengthen their ability to attract the very top talent from business, design and management schools around the globe. Being one of a handful employers worldwide that can provide work in five completely different locations in the same talent program, this really should not be a problem. The trick was to get people to realize it.


In the older days it has previously been measured in IQ, Intelligent Quotient, which later were complemented with EQ. WQ or World Quotient builds on the insight that leaders of the future have to be able to manage people from all over the world. To cope with this, the person in question has to truly understand different cultures. A knowledge that only can be obtained by being abroad.


POST did this (now global) project from start to finish, including an international conference, producing film and web.

Year: 2016-2018

Client: EF

Services provided: Planning & Concepts

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