”Bryggmästaren” Design Challenge


Åbro wanted to update the packaging of their best-selling product, the premium lager beer “Bryggmästarens”, without alienating its’ vast fan base. Åbro is well-known for being a family owned brewery who does things their own way.


Therefore, the strategy to let the people do the re-design was logical. Instead of going to an established design firm, we took some of the money saved to create what became the biggest design challenge in Sweden thus far.


Over 100 highly qualified, complete designs were submitted and judged by a highly competent jury. The winner, Martin Schmeltzer did not only take home the cash prize, but could also add a major re-design of one of the best-selling beer brands to his portfolio. A great start to what is now a brilliant career.

Year: 2016

Client: Åbro

Services provided: Planning, Faciltiation, Concepts & Public Relations

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