Prior to the 2019 campaign, POST got the honorary assignment to produce this year’s seasons tickets campaign.


After an extensive work we could establish that the part AIK plays in the target’s life is stronger than anything else. AIK is a part of people’s identity, not just temporarily but forever. To create the greatest possible recognition, we developed the symbolic product “Eternity card”. A completely new ticket, where the card holder has a guaranteed, optional, seat on all of AIKs home games, for the rest of their life. The price is 189 100 SEK, a tribute to the founding year of the club.


The campaign got a lot of attention in two rounds, firstly when the new card was announced, and secondly when Magnus Käck became the first one to purchase the card. POST was responsible for planning, concept, film production and PR.

Year: 2018-2019

Client: AIK Football

Services provided: Planning, Concepts & Public Relations

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