Increased urbanization means less living space. 24Storage helps people use their space in better ways. There’s no need to pay big $€SEK per square meter for apartments just to end up using it as storage. The challenge was getting people to realize that 24Storage is a service that can improve their quality of life.

We created the strategy A greater life, based on the very basic insight that people are happier if they have room for their passions in their daily life. That means moving all your old boxes, occasionally used luggage bags, seasonal apparel and such to a 24Storage facility – and use the now available space for something you love. The strategy resulted in different concepts based on interests and passions. One of them made a little more noise than the others.


Most cat owners love their little furry friend and want them to feel good and have all their needs fulfilled. At the same time, cat owners are just like the rest of us – they want to live in a beautifully designed home. Then why are there no modern designed high-end cat furniture? 

We collaborated with the cat psychologist Susanne Hellman Holmström and interior architect Elenor Moschevitz to collaborate in creating The Cat Flat, also known as the world’s first non-ugly cat furniture. A design piece you would want to create space for in your home, that is designed to cater to your cats’ needs. The Cat Flat was introduced during Stockholm Design Week.


Who knew that the Internet loves cats? Probably everyone. Even so, the reach of The Cat Flat was beyond our expectations. People all over the world have read about the cabinet after high-regarded publications such as Mashable, Trendhunter, Design Milk, Line Today and many more. Azure Magazine even called it one of the highlights of Stockholm Design Week. Besides the international attention, 24Storage has seen an increased interest in their services in Sweden.

Year: 2019-2020

Client: 24Storage

Services provided: 360 Campaigns

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